Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chipotle Imperial Robust Porter

This beer worked out in a marvelous way. I've been thinking about brewing it for quite a while, and now that it's done the chocolate and the roast and the smoke and the pepper all come together.

I bought 3 pounds of smoked malt a while ago, but it never seemed all that smoky to me. There was some vague smokiness, but not to the level I expected for putting my nose in three pounds of smoked malt. I also had some dried chipotle peppers that I bought at a Hispanic grocery store, they smelled smoky but I doubted their ability to add enough smoke to five gallons of beer. The two worked together to give me the level of smoke and heat I was looking for. My aim was not to make a beer that was hugely smokey or fire-breathing hot... I just wanted to build a nice interplay of flavors to work with an Imperial Porter.

Notes: The recipe says two ounces of chipotle but that's a guess, because I added 14 dried chipotle peppers to the boil without measuring their weight. I kept them in a hop bag and pulled the bag out of the boil when the wort was spicy enough. I was originally planning to use Black Patent instead of Carafa, but on brew day didn't happen to have any of Black Patent around, and I did have some Carafa.

Brew Date:November 25
Batch Size:5.0 gallons
Original Gravity:1.084 measured   (1.087 estimated)
Final Gravity:1.024 / 6.1° Plato    (1.021 to 1.025estimated)
Color:37° SRM / 74° EBC   (Black)
Mash Efficiency:73% measured    (75% used for O.G. estimate)
Bitterness:48.0 IBU / 11 HBU   ƒ: Tinseth
BU:GU Ratio:0.55
Alcohol:8.4% ABV / 6% ABW
Calories:288 per 12 oz.

Malt & Fermentables
% Lbs. Oz. Malt/Fermentable PPG °L
67% 11 0 American Two-row Pale 37 2
18% 3 0 Smoked Malt 37 9
7% 1 2 American Crystal 120L 34 120
3% 0 8 Special B 30 180
2% 0 6 Roasted Barley 25 300
2% 0 4 Chocolate Malt 34 475
1% 0 2 Carafa II 32 412

Use Time Oz. Variety Form AA
Boil 60 mins 1.25 Northern Brewer pellet 9.0
Boil 30 mins 0.75 Northern Brewer pellet 9.0
Post-boil 10 mins 2.0 Cascade pellet 5.5

Type Strain Description
Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast in dry form with low to medium flocculation and 73% attenuation

Use Time Amount Ingredient
Boil 10 min. 2oz. Dried Whole Chipotle Peppers

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  1. Hey Bob - this sounds pretty tasty and I'm curious how it will turn out w/ the peppers!! Let's do a porter trade the next time we get together. I've got one keg carbed up of an 8% ABV smoked porter with ~ 27% smoked malt (mix of cherrywood and rauch). I will be bottling up some on Sunday and also have a few gallons aging with oak spirals.

    Cheers, Ben