Monday, May 7, 2012

Dandelion Blossom Saison
(Saison des Boutons de Fleurs de Pissenlits)

A dandelion Saison sounded like a good idea on paper, and I figured I needed to brew it now or wait another year for the really thick crop of new dandelions, and suddenly the Dandelion Blossom Saison project was off and running. Ben Bottoms had the same idea at about the same time so we did a collaboration brew at the home of The Fraternal Order of Wayward Brewers. We completely maxed out the mash tun for a 15 gallon batch.

The first challenge was the dandelion harvest. My first attempt to gather dandelions was after sundown on a cold and rainy night. Don't try this - the results will not be good because the flowers open up in the sun, and close with cooler temperatures. My second harvest attempt was a warm, sunny afternoon. Along with being more pleasant conditions, it was easier to identify good flowers. I harvested just the flower tops, so I didn't even get the base of the flowers. As you can see from the photo, I'm getting mostly flowery yellow goodness.

Going into the project I know that adding dandelions will have an unpredictable effect on the overall color and bitterness, but I also figured I could make some good guesses. I had several ways I could go with the dandelions, but ultimately decided to add dandelion blossom tea to the secondary. I found that I could add the dandelion tea incrementally as a new 'crop' of dandelions appeared every couple of days. The primary is bubbling along nicely now, I'll have to see how this all progresses.

Batch size
5.5 gallons
Original Gravity
1.056/ 13.8° Plato
(1.050 to 1.058)
Final Gravity
1.017 / 4.3° Plato
(1.015 to 1.018)
25.8 IBU / 4 HBU
ƒ: Tinseth
5° SRM/ 9° EBC
(Yellow to Gold)
Mash Efficiency
5.2% ABV / 4% ABW
186 per 12 oz.


% LB OZ Type ppg °L
77% 9 0 Weyermann Pilsner 37 2
17% 2 0 Wheat, Red 29 2
5% 0 10 Munich Malt 37 10
11 10


Use Time oz Variety Form aa
boil 60 mins 1.0 Perle pellet 6.5
boil 30 mins 0.5 Saaz pellet 3.5


Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison, low flocculation and 78% attenuation


Use Amount Ingredient
Secondary fermenter 6 ounces Dandelion Blossoms


  1. Sounds good! Been wanting to make a Saison lately. Just one question....where have you been. I have been watching for a new post foe quite some time.

  2. Been working hard, and going back to school at the same time. Something had to give. I'm done with the classes for a while (UW Java Programming Certification) so I'll have more time.

    1. Got it! Can't blame you for trying to better yourself. I always look forward to new articles!