Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dandelion Blossom Saison Labels

Completely out of the blue, someone on Ratebeer offered to make labels for a couple of my beers. The first one he produced was done for a dandelion saison, and I think that the results are fabulous. They make Finn Hill Brewing look legit, which is probably the wrong impression. Patrick also did a nice job of noting that this was a collaboration brew with The Fraternal Order of Wayward Brewers, or L'Ordre Fraternel des Brasseurs Retif.

This looks so good I wish I could cork and cage the beer.

The 'fhb' chop is a nice touch.

If you want to contact Patrick for design, graphics, photography work, just scan the QR code. It works. Or contact him at


  1. wow....those are great looking labels!! looking forward to tasting it...on my end, the dandelion tea keg will be done carbonating tonight...tastes pretty good...has an earthy, dry grassey/almost vegital flavor mixed with some sweet fruit from the #3711

  2. Yeah! Sadly, I only have pictures of labels, not real labels. My yeast FINALLY stopped working and the result tastes great. I'm at 1.005 FG.