Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LAMBIC! (Fantastic download)

Free information is good. Free, quality information is better. But this is a ton of free, quality information that is nearly impossible to find or get. So if you're interested in brewing anything in the Lambic stye, you need this download: lambic.zip

The download contains the PDF of this book which is $100 used, $500 new:
Lambic (Classic Beer Style) by Jean Guinard

And it contains the full 3-part series of Brewing in Styles: Practical Strategies for Brewing Lambic at Home by Jim Liddil. Which can only be found in the non-gettable back issues of the now-defunct magazine "Brewing Techniques"

And it also has this paper from the University of Colorado: Microbes Found in Lambic Wort by Mick Burgeson

All the PDFs are meticulously hand-scanned versions of the original texts.

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