Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Older Viscosity Barrel Project RIS

Several guys in the Cascade Brewer's Guild got together to brew a Russian Imperial Stout recipe for the "Older Viscosity Barrel Project."

I signed up late in the game, paid my $27 (a whopping good deal) and brewed my part of the project. The info I got was:
For a 5.75 gallon batch
15 lbs Gambrinus ESB Malt
1 lb Black Barley
1 lb Caramunich
0.75 lb Chocolate Malt
0.5 lb Special Roast
0.25 lb Aromatic Malt
1.0 oz Columbus (17.2%) 60 min
1.5 oz US Goldings (4.2%) 20 min
1.5 oz US Goldings (4.2%) 5 min
1 pkg WYeast #1098 (1500 mL starter)

I've got the recipe in BeerCalculus here. I switched to Maris Otter just for the purpose of the BeerCalculus recipe calculations because the Gambrinus ESB malt shows up with a much lower extraction efficiency in BeerCalculus. I mashed at 152 and got about 77% efficiency. I found out belatedly that the recipe expects 80% efficiency. I went with a 1000mL starter, which took off almost immediately, and the ferment progressed nicely.

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