Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Olde Crufte and Codswallop

The next beer I'll be brewing is BJCP style 19B, English Barleywine. If you're brewing a barleywine it's almost incumbent upon you to include the word "Old." And since it's being brewed in the Pacific Northwest rather than England, "Olde" makes it much more authentic. Cruft is a software term, referring to the debris that accumulates on old code as the codebase grows. Crufte of course, is authentic cruft. You can Google codswallop.

I like the English Barleywines better than the American version. Or at least I like them earlier. The Americans need more time in the bottle to calm down. There is just a little specialty malt in this, and as per the style the specialty malt is mostly Caramel/Cristal. Most of the flavor profile comes from a whopping lot of 2-row malt, a two-and-a-half hour boil and a fair amount of English-style hops. The water treatment is being done to lightly "Burtonize" on the idea that this is really a sort of imperial English pale. That should also help the hops cut through the sugar a bit. I'm looking to do a small beer with the second runnings.

Olde Crufte and Codswallop
Expected Original Gravity: 1.116
Calculated Alcohol: 11.6% A.B.V.
Calculated Bitterness: 49.6 IBU (Tinsleth)
Color 9° SRM / 18° EBC (Gold-Copper)

Collect a pre-boil wort size of 7.5+ gallons. With a vigorous 150 min. boil, with losses due to evaporation and hop absorption the final amount should be over 5 gallons.

Malt Bill
Weight Malt
27lbs. 8oz. / 12.5 Kg 2-row Gambrinus ESB
8oz. / 0.23 Kg Aromatic
8oz. / 0.23 Kg Crystal 20
4oz. / 0.12 Kg Crystal 40
4oz. / 0.12 Kg Crystal 80

Hop Bill
2.00 oz. / 56g Boil 60 min. Willamette leaf 5.6
1.75 oz. / 49g Boil 30 min. Willamette leaf 5.6
1.00 oz. / 28g Boil 5 min. Goldings pellet 5.0
1.00 oz. / 28g Flame out Goldings pellet 5.0
1.00 oz. / 28g Dry Hop Goldings pellet 5.0

1. With initial grain temp of 68°, heat 9 gallons of water to 150°F to strike at 125°F
2. Mash grains at 120-125 for 30 minutes. After 15 minutes, boil one gallon of water and add one gallon of mash, stirring constantly to avoid scorching.
3. Return the decoction to the mash and mash grains at 150-152 for 60 minutes.
4. Mash out at 170 to collect 7.5 gallons of wort.
5. Boil 150 minutes, adding hops at times indicated.
6. Chill to 68°F, oxygenate well, and pitch a large starter of Nottingham.
7. Primary ferment for 21 days at 68°F.
8. Bottle and age for two years.


1 Whirfloc, 10 minutes before end of boil
Volumes of CO2: 1.5, (or 3/4 cup of corn sugar at bottling time)

Initial Water Profile: Seattle/Tolt
Alkalinity, Total (as CaCO3) mg/L 20.2
Hardness, (as CaCO3) mg/L 26.9
Magnesium mg/L 0.36
Potassium mg/L 0.23
Sodium mg/L 1.83

Water Treatment: For each 10 gallons in hot liquor tank
½ Campden tablet, crushed (for chlorine removal)
1½ teaspoons gypsum
½ teaspoon Epsom salts (15 min. after the other treatments)

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